Universal Dual USB Car Charger


We noticed that most car chargers were slow or would stop working after just a few weeks, so we set out to design our own 12V DC charger. Universal Dual USB Car Charger was engineered from the inside out to be slim while also pushing 4.8 amps to two devices at the same time without overheating or shutting down.

Universal Dual USB Car Charger features a low-profile design for your car's 12-volt outlet with a powerful 5 watt charging circuit to power up your smartphone and tablet quickly. Plug your device's USB cable in and charge from any vehicle's power outlet. This charger provides fast charging for any device that charges via a standard USB connector. 


Charger Features

  •  Super-fast charging for your smartphone and any other device that charges via USB cable – featuring 2.4amp/5V
  • Convenient and compact with 2 ports for simultaneous device charging
  • Always delivers the maximum power required using smart charge technology
  •  Powers up quickly
  • 40% faster charging than your standard 1amp charger
  • Works with all USB cables