MacBook Case

Dark Red
Crystal Clear Light
Light Pink
Airy Blue
Rose Gold

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Your MacBook may suffer from scratches across the top as it transports around. Rubber cases for MacBooks use a hard and durable form of rubber that molds to the shape of your computer. That rubber absorbs shocks and protects your computer against scuffs and scratches. You can prevent these scratches by using the case.

Using the latest 3D Printing Technology available to print colorful designs on a high-quality, low carbon, non-toxic and environmental friendly hard cases in polycarbonate material.

It is specially designed to offer your Macbook with the best protection using thin and lightweight material. A hardshell MacBook cover with a shock-absorbing inner case prevents your devices from unwanted cracks, scratches, or damages. It’s not only a cover for the surface but the bottom as well, it’s a sturdy protection from all kinds of damages.
Worry that an extra coat will slow down the heat dissipation? Our MacBook Pro cases have fully vented holes that will ensure your devices have excellent heat dissipation. It also allows you to access all necessary plugs and drives while highlighting the unique look of your MacBook. 

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