Genuine Leather Case For 5th & 6th generation, Air 1 & 2 iPad

Light Blue
Rose Red
Dark Blue

The iPad is extremely efficient at fulfilling our most basic computing tasks. This includes looking up information on the web, checking email, and browsing. While doing all this the first thing you need is proper protection for your iPad.a screen shot of a computer

As a great consumer device, you'll also use it for unwinding by watching movies, swiping through photos or playing games. The key to making the iPad convenient for all these activities is a convenient iPad case.a piece of luggage

NOTE: The case is for iPads 5th & 6th generation, Air 1 & Air 2


  • Multiple angles: you can use your iPad case as a stand on both portrait & landscape mode for the ultimate convenience.
    • Auto sleep/wake function: you can wake your iPad just by opening the case or make it go to sleep just by closing it, this alone will increase standby time by 90% & reduce your battery consumption by 50%.
      • Precise cutouts: easy access to camera, buttons & the beautiful apple logo.
      • Anti-slip stripes: provides grip & protection against an unexpected slip.