Adjustable Mesh MacBook Stand

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Everyone appreciates the freedom of working on a laptop it’s easy to stay productive whether you’re at your desk, the coffee shop, or the conference room. But when it comes to ergonomics, a laptop isn’t the greatest choice since you can’t adjust the height of the keyboard and screen separately. As a result, people tend to hunch over when working on a laptop, which can lead to muscle strain and pain in the upper back, neck, shoulders, hands, wrists, and arms.

Better Ergonomics: A laptop stand will raise your notebook screen to eye level, preventing strain on your neck and back caused by a forced downward perspective.
Comfort While Typing:  Your laptop should be at eye level, allowing your back to be straight and your elbows bent at a comfortable 90 degrees.
Improves Airflow: One of the most pervasive sources of heat comes from the inability of air to flow underneath your laptop. A laptop stand solves this problem by elevating the device to encourage airflow.
Organize Those Cables: Laptop stands are fantastic for this purpose route your cables underneath to keep your room, office, and desk both neat and tidy.


  • User-friendly, easy to adjust
  • Foldable & portable design
  • Silicone padding to prevent sliding
  • Stable and durable
  • High compatibility for laptops(up to 15''), tablets & books