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Air Surf 360 Keyboard iPad Case

  • Every day, we're always compromising on something. Now you don't have to compromise between the freedom of reading, taking photos, and typing emails with your fingers or being productive with a real keyboard.

    Designed to be functional and keep your iPad within easy reach while adding a full-size keyboard to your iPad, the Air Surf Yoga Keyboard iPad Case elevates your iPad to its full potential. It's the right keyboard to make your iPad do virtually anything a MacBook can. Turn your iPad into a MacBook with the Air Surf Yoga Keyboard iPad Case anytime, anywhere.

    Getting the iPad into and out of that keyboard case can be frustrating, and keeping it fixed with the keyboard all the time is inconvenient, which defeats the purpose of having an iPad. The Air Surf Keyboard iPad Case solves those issues using magnets. You can easily attach & detach your iPad.