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Shockproof Protective MacBook Case

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Royal Purple
  • The MacBook is a heck of a machine; you'll want to protect it or maybe even style it up a bit. 

    One of the best ways to protect your MacBook is with a hardshell shockproof Protective case. The Shockproof Protective case offers scratch and drop protection, and give your MacBook a touch of your style. Made from hard plastic and is lightweight for easy handling. A fully vented bottom design for effective heat dispersion.


    • Precise Design: For full and effective functionality.
    • Retractable Feet: The case could act as a stand for convenience.
    • Material: Hard plastic covered with rubber oil paint for grippy handling.
    • Fully Vented Bottom: Allow safe Heat dispersion.
    • Scratch & Drop protection:Impact resistant.
    • Anti-slip: Anti-slip silicone padding for stable and secure use.