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5 Reasons Why Wives are Getting Their Husbands This Wireless Charger

Made by a brand called Moderno Collections, Their Wireless Charger is going viral on the internet. Wifes around the world are raving about how it organized all their tangled cords & cables in their house

"Bought as a gift for my husband who struggles with cords and a mess on his work desk. This simplified well made charger was almost just what he needed. Works great for his watch & phone (even in the case!)" 

- Nicole

1) Cleans up the messy work desk & nightstand

We all know how messy a husband’s desk might get…they are struggling with cords & a mess on their work desk.

This simplified charger is what they need to clean up all the cords & wires taking up space to charge multiple devices.

No more extension cords & wires on the nightstand to charge all your devices. Now you can do it all in just one neat charging station.

The nightstand or desk will be clean with no wires running everywhere.

2) Charges up to three devices which is super convenient

No more plugging & unplugging. This is the most convenient way to charge devices. We are so used to plugging & unplugging we forget there are better ways.

The Premium 3 in 1 Charger is a fast wireless charger that can charge 3 devices. An Apple Watch, iPhone & AirPods.

The AirPods charging area can also be used to charge another phone. This means two phones can be charged at the same time.

You just place your device on the stand; that’s it. No need to consistently look for the ends of wires & plug them.

"No more cord entanglement! When my husband first saw it he said, “what is that futuristic device and what does it do?” I showed him that all my devices are in one place and always charged! Worth the price, I love it!"
- Julie S.

3) It can be used as a stand

The stand’s perfect angle is ideal for consuming content and doing video calls. Sometimes the hands get tired of holding on to the phone for a prolonged period of time.

Just place your phone on the stand & you can take video calls, consume content & talk selfies hands-free.

Since the phone will stand, Face id will also work instantly when you unlock the device.

4) Indicator lights that shows charging

The charger has three indicator lights indicating charging in the first 20 seconds of placing your devices on the charger.

You can be confident that your devices are charging. In case, for some reason, the phone is not placed correctly, it will flicker, indicating it’s not charging. 

This will ensure that your devices will always be charged when you need them.

5) It’s an amazing gift for any occasion

The brand has countless stories of women who bought the stand for their husbands but used it themselves!

Some people even report ordering multiple units to give out to their family members.

We are not surprised as the wireless chargers eliminate cords, save space & tidy up desks & nightstands while charging multiple devices fast. Some find it hard to go back to traditional charging after using the Premium 3 in 1 Charger

It’s perfect for surprising anyone with apple devices on their birthday, Christmas or any occasion!

"I bought this as a gift for my husband and he loves it! Me too, its great instead of having his watch, phone and ear buds charging all over the house, he now can put them all in one small space!! I'll probably get them for my sons now too!"

- Sheri B.

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