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5 Reasons Why This Charger Is On Everyones 2022 Wishlist ⚡

And here are the big five reasons why everyone is finally tossing their old chargers, lightning cables, and cords… and switching to the world's most convenient, sleek, fast, multi-device charger called the Premium 3 in 1 Fast Wireless Charging Stand for iPhone, Apple Watch & AirPods.

1. Cuts Down On the Number of Cords

1. Cuts Down On the Number of Cords

No more buying cords. You can now charge all your devices with a single cord and discard using multiple adaptors or extension cords! Your charging experience will be neat since you will be charging all your devices in one place. 

2. Saves Space on the NightStand

2. Saves Space on the NightStand

A compact charger design for optimal space-saving on your nightstand and desk. It is an excellent way to open up extra space on your nightstand or office table by removing those redundant chargers.

3. One Charger Instead of Three


3. One Charger Instead of Three

You can place your iPhone, AppleWatch, and AirPods on this all-in-one wireless charger at night time and it's all good to go when you wake the next morning. One plug, one location, SIMPLE!

4. It charges Fast

4. It charges Fast

Not only are you charging multiple devices on one charger, removing cords, and saving space on your nightstand and desk. You are also charging FAST even when you are charging multiple devices simultaneously. 

5. Saves Time

5. Saves Time

You will never realize how much time you spend wrestling with your devices, plugging and unplugging until you try this charger. With this charger, you just have to put your iPhone, AppleWatch, and Airpods on the provided locations, and you are done.

The best choice on the market

"This little 3 in 1 charger has been a game changer. No more dealing with a bunch of wires every night. It's really satisfying to charge wirelessly and now I keep all my devices out of my bedroom. It's sleek and non-intrusive. Definitely recommend if you are in the Apple cult and want a sleek way to store your things.

Jemma L.

"Great! I'm a picky customer. Of course, before buying with Moderno I went over lots of firms. Honestly, I did not find any competitors. I know it does not sound well, but anyway - I'm very happy with my pick. Thank you, guys! Super quality as well as design!!! " 

David C.

"I got this for my husband who is vision impaired. He was always struggling to hook up his devises with cords for charging. All he has to do now is lay it down. Game changer!! I recommend this device. " 

Rose U.

"A mored convenient way to charge! I only have 2 out the three items you can charge but definitely worth it. So nice to not have to mess with plugging and unplugging cords. " 

Sandra C.

"I never realized how much I had to wrestle my phone off its cord in the morning until I had this charger. Now I can easily lift it off and check the weather first thing, or hit the snooze on my alarm. I love that my watch and AirPods can charge in one place, without cords and wireless charging pads falling off the night table. This is a great gadget, and now I can’t imagine life without it. " 

Jaime H.

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