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Moderno Travel Pro 2 in 1 Wireless iPhone & AirPods Charger

  • The Future of Wireless iPhone Charging in the Palm of Your Hand. Experience the ultimate convenience and portability with our innovative foldable wireless iPhone charger.

    The Moderno Travel Pro 2 in 1 is a game-changer in wireless charging technology, designed to fit seamlessly into your on-the-go lifestyle. No more bulky chargers or tangled wires weighing you down. This sleek and compact device folds effortlessly, allowing you to easily slip it into your pocket, bag, or even your palm.

    With its advanced wireless charging capabilities, the Moderno Travel Pro 2 in 1 offers a truly cable-free charging experience. Simply unfold the charger, place your iPhone & Airpods on the charging pad, and watch the power flow effortlessly to your devices.