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Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPad

  • When buying an expensive device like the iPad, it's important to keep it protected. You'll be looking at the iPad's screen every day, so a screen protector is a must-have accessory. Apple’s screens have always been notoriously delicate. Astonishingly vibrant and sharp yes, but also incredibly delicate. And as a result, screen protectors are considered almost a basic necessity with any of their devices, especially large ones such as the iPad Pro. 
    In the event of a drop, a protector like this one takes all the impact and cracks, while preventing the real screen underneath from taking any damage.


    • Apple Pencil Compatible: The large cutout for the front camera and microphone allows for seamless face recognition and ensures premium sound quality. Only 0.3mm thick, this screen protector maintains high touch sensitivity when using the Apple Pencil.
    • HD Protection: Up to 99% high transparency, the full-coverage glass screen protector preserves the iPad’s original HD Retina quality while protecting the front camera against dust and scratches.