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Premium MagSafe & Ultra-Slim Combo

  • Get two items for the price of one. Introducing our newest offer, the Premium MagSafe & Ultra-Slim Combo. A combination offer for a Premium 3 in 1 MagSafe wireless charger and an Ultra-Slim MagSafe iPhone case.

    The Premium 3 in 1 MagSafe Fast Wireless Charging Stand with a night light feature, designed to be the perfect nightstand wireless charger, integrates an intensity controlled night light and a MagSafe 3 in 1 charger.

    The Ultra-Slim MagSafe iPhone Case protects your iPhone from dirt and scratch. With a built-in magnet, it gives your iPhone MagSafe functionality. Make it the perfect case to make your iPhone compatible with the 3 in 1 MagSafe charger.

    Quickly charge any of your iPhone 8 & above models, Apple Watch, and AirPods batteries.